Mantra Fusion Band is World music band from Split, Croatia, formed in the beginning of 2007. Their unique expression is a blend of Oriental and Balkain ethno music  combined with contemporary sound and rhythm.

Band constitutes of eight musicians from different musical backgrounds - classical, rock, ethno and alternative. All of the instruments except bass guitar are acoustic, including those who are used in Indian and Arabic music such as sitar, tampura, tablas, mridanga, harmonium, and darbuka combined with African drum jembe and classical European instruments like violin, clarinet, accordion, mandolin and acoustic guitars.

Lyrics are in different languages including ancient sanskrt mantras. Sanskrt mantras are special feature of MFB's expression which distinguish them from the other bands of the World music genre. Sanskrt is one of the oldest languages on Earth and it is believed that it's vibrations combined with mantras create a very mystical and auspicious atmosphere.

In concerts MFB always strives to give their audience an entrance into high mystic dimensions by putting together different elements in the show – unique fusion sounds with exotic songs and instruments, outwordly lyrics, dance and suggestive visuals.

In the beginning of 2008, MFB recorded their first indie album „Orient Bazaar“ which was very well received. „Slobodna Dalmacija“ called MFB „the architects of bridge between East and West“... Band played many concerts in Croatia and Bosnia, including their great performance on the most famous stage in Split, Peristyle, Yoga is Music concert and also Woodstock Festival in Poland...

Right now MFB is recording new single „Samsara“ featuring Goran Karan and preparing for their multimedia conceptual concert in Split where they will record their new live CD/DVD. Concert will include many special guests and some very interesting visuals.

Band members:

Ines Žižić (ex „Stijene“) - lead vocal
Antonija Čelan (clarinet professor) - clarinet
Sunčica Dropulić (ex „Tambuu“, viola professor) - violin/tribal fusion belly dance
Barbara Gaj - harmonium, vocal
Dario Duišin Džunić - guitar, sitar, accordion
Mišo Popović (ex „Leut Magnetic“) - tabla, mridanga, darbuka
Veljko Popović (ex „Leut Magnetic“) - percussions, jembe, mandolin
Bruno Tadej (ex „Tambuu“) - bass guitar

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